TWO FACE eyewear offers various appearances of a wearer when seen from different angles. Front angle features a linear look showing edges of metal sheets used as the frame. The sides have a flat and bold feature that emphasizes 6mm width of the frame. The frame design is simple, with as few folding and bending as possible, in order to highlight the texture of metal sheets. TWO FACE eyewear is characterized by its duality: from the front, it has a sleek look; from the side, it has a character brought out by its rugged texture. The shape of lenses is defined by the frame and limbs, which are perpendicularly jointed, providing another distinct feature. Stay tuned to TWO FACE eyewear products, designed in two opposing directions - sleek and rugged - as the brand name suggests.


ASSEMBLEDISASSEMBLE is a new product project launched by KIGI. Based on our philosophy of creation, we develop products in various categories and present them under a unified brand. What we envision here is a sort of assembly of small product brands. Instead of consumption-intensive, market-oriented manufacturing, we aim to create products that we truly believe are valuable and can only be made in small batches or on a made-to-order basis. In 2022, we developed eyewear, rugs, watches and flower vases as the first lineup of the brand.